Adopted : Male Weimaraner Mix Blue

male weim mix blue and family This Male Weimaraner Mix Blue has been ADOPTED from Lifeline Dog Rescue.

Blue came into rescue aged 9 months and had not had a great life being pushed around in 4 homes.

He had bad nutrition and from his severe skin issues appeared to have been kept outside.

Blue was named Maverick by his furever family.

Details for This Lifeline Dog Rescue Pet

Dog Name: Blue
Breed: Weimaraner Mix
Gender: Male-Neutered
Size: Large
Color: Blue White
Age: 1 yr

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male weim mix blue by pool male weim mix blue relaxing

Adoption and New Life for Blue

Blue came into Lifeline when we were alerted by his owner who had adopted him recently from Craigslist. The owner found that he had too many issues that she was unable to deal with.

His main issue was separation anxiety. It’s no wonder that he suffered anxiety; Blue had been in 4 homes by the time we got him.

The first 3 homes Blue was not treated well and he suffered severe skin issues resulting from bad nutrition and being left outside

We Brought Blue into Lifeline had him neutered, fully vaccinated and changed his diet. We then started to work on his skin issues.

Blue was a good boy and after a month we started to see an improvement in his skin.

We then moved Blue to another foster mom and dad that had a few more dogs to start to socialize him more.

That move was a lucky one for Blue after 48 hours with his new foster mom and dad, Blue had found his forever home!

They fell in love with the young gentle giant. Blue left Lifeline on February 1, 2015

Today Blue is called Maverick and lives in Eagle Lake Florida with his mom Kim and Dad Brian; both are part of our Lifeline Team.

Maverick has a new sister called Roxie, an American bulldog, that matches his size and they love to play and run together.

Finally Maverick now has his own family and the security and stability he needed and deserved.

Lifeline is ecstatic that Maverick has a wonderful forever home. He is getting more relaxed daily.

Thank you to our great foster team Kim and Brian for all your hard work and adopting Maverick to make his life complete.

We wish you many years of Happy Trails and lots of special moments.

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Weimaraner Dog Digging in the Sand