Adopted : Female Weimaraner Dog Bella

adopted female weimaraner bella

Adopted Female Weimaraner Bella

This purebred female Weimaraner dog, Bella, is 3 years old, very lively and active, and adopted in 2012 from Lifeline Dog Rescue.

As with any dog, and especially Weimaraners, Bella will adapt best in the home of an individual who leads an active lifestyle.

Details for This Lifeline Dog Rescue Pet

Dog Name: Bella
Breed: Weimaraner, Purebred
Gender: Female-spayed
Size: Large
Color: Gray
Age: 3 years

Bella Adoption and New Life

Bella was adopted into her forever home in Palm Beach County, Florida, and starts a new life with human parent, Preston. He lost a pet Weimaraner dog 2 years ago, and Bella’s look and temperament reminded him of his dog that passed away.

Recreation plans include walks, the park, the dog park, swimming, and shopping. Shopping? Little girl dogs LOVE to shop!

Preston and Bella met twice and the mutual attraction was immediate. Preston is young and active, and understands that Weimaraners are high energy, active dogs. Her new forever home has a large fenced back yard for quick exercise, and she can expect long walks with her new “Dad”.

Thank you, Preston, for welcoming Bella into your life. We wish you and our precious Bella the rescue Weim a long and happy life.

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