Adopted : Female Blue Weimaraner Avalon

female blue weimaraner avalon This female Blue Weimaraner dog named Avalon is a friendly sweet girl she is 3 yrs old and has been ADOPTED from Lifeline Dog Rescue.

Avalon was rescued from a Mississippi kill shelter and was listed as a stray, so was becoming urgent.

Details for This Lifeline Dog Rescue Pet

Dog Name: Avalon Isabella Blue
Breed: Purebred Blue Weimaraner
Gender: Female-Spayed
Size: Medium
Color: Charcoal
Age: 3 years

More Photos of Female Blue Weimaraner Avalon

female blue weimaraner avalon female-blue-weimaraner-avalon-photo-3

Adoption and New Life for Avalon

Avalon’s rescue was a difficult one. We rescued her from a Mississippi kill shelter. Her story is one both sad and happy. Avalon was placed in the shelter by a lady claiming she found her as a stray.

Avalon sat in the shelter for a month until we spotted her and began our rescue mission to have her transported to Florida.

We announced on our facebook page that Avalon was on her way to Florida and would be arriving soon. Less than 15 minutes later we received a message saying that Avalon looked liked she was the dog that had been re-homed a few months earlier.

After our checks it was established she was indeed the same dog and her name was Isabella Blue.

We had an adopter on our waiting list, so Isabella Blue’s stay with us was very short. She met her new mommy within days of her arriving in Florida and it was love at first sight.

She now lives in St Johns Florida and has a beautiful home with a Weimy brother called Hunter, and a loving family that adore her.

Life is good. She has everything that she needs including the security and stability that is so important.

Thank you so much Renee and Jim, for opening up your heart and home to adopt our beautiful girl Isabella Blue.

We wish you all many years of happy trails and special moments.

Fast Contact Connection
Mobile: 863-582-2150
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