Lifeline Dog Rescue History

There’s more to the Central Florida Weimaraner & Dog Rescue, Inc. dba Lifeline Dog Rescue history that goes back several years before our dog rescue was incorporated in 2011 and 501c3 tax-exempt as of 24 Oct 2011. A lifetime passion for dog rescue of Weimaraners and other breeds of dogs grew rapidly in those prior years, and our private operation became larger than most home-based dog rescues, and some corporate ones.

lifeline dog rescue lake and play area

Lifeline Dog Rescue Lake and Play Area

The photo of Lifeline Dog Rescue above displays about half of our present property including the lake and more than 2 acres of open space for our rescue dogs to romp and play. It’s heavenly compared to some dog rescue facilities. The entire lake and property is a fenced enclosure including a gate at the entrance.

2011 was a turning point as we incorporated Central Florida Weimaraner & Dog Rescue, Inc. to become a formal organization dba Lifeline Dog Rescue. 2012 will be a better year as the future plans of Lifeline Dog rescue are to double our physical size in anticipation of continued growth. If we need to move to get the right location and then build a lake and plant trees, we will.

Our goal as a 501c3 IRS tax-exempt non-profit dog rescue is to have sponsors and funds to allow us to continue active pursuit of dog rescues, fostering, adoption, and sponsorship. We are prepared to accept tax deductible donations from private individuals and corporations to help our active efforts to rescue Weimaraner and other dogs at risk.

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Look at what we’ve done for rescue dogs, and then join our cause by taking action to help write the future Lifeline Dog Rescue history.

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